Santé Fitness
"We strive to positively change people's idea of self image, and create a strong self love through fitness and nutrition"
What type of training do you want to do today?
Want a program specific to your goals?
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Semi<br />Private
2 people


Love training with a friend? But don't know where to start?
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Small<br />Group
3-4 People


Why not make it a social event? Work out with a small group of friends!
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Individual session

New to the fitness world or just need some extra encouragement? With one-on-one session you have the trainers full attention, together you will work on your goals and create individualised work out/ nutrition plans to get you where you want to be. You will have 24 hour communications, this means you will always have someone to be there through the tough times. Your trainer will be there for you as much as possible, but you will also have access to the social media groups for on going support.  So lets kick some goals together!