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"We strive to positively change people's idea of self image, and create a strong self love through fitness and nutrition"
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Santé Fitness is not just a personal training service, but a family. When you join Santé Fitness you will not only kick goals and sweat it out...You will learn more about yourself and the importance of positive body image.
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99.7% of customers is fully satisfied with our services.
My friends and I have started 2 private group training sessions a week with Tomikah and I never leave any of her sessions unsatisfied! She does a great job at planning sessions that are specific to the areas we want to target and is very thorough with her explanations. She always pushes us to make the most out of the workout. I am looking forward to more sessions with Tomikah and can’t wait to see some amazing results
Tomikah implements new exercises each week to make every week new and exciting.


My name is Tomikah Santé Jenkins and I have a passion for health and fitness. My passion grew once I left high school, when I went on to study a Business Degree at University I realised that stress and and anxiety took over my life.
So I turned to the gym, and surprisingly never felt more relaxed, it was the one place that all the stress and pressures left and all I could focus on was doing better and training harder. However due to social media I became obsessed with models and influencers bodies that I would never be able to achieve, because Hey! some people are just genetically blessed and you can't change your bone structure.
I started to believe that cardio training + a calorie deficit = perfection .... but all i did was force myself to be unhappy and fatigued.I looked at myself in the mirror and knew that it was time to change, that I should love myself when I look in the mirror, not pull apart my self-worth.
I enrolled at HPC one of the leading Fitness Institutes on the Gold Coast and gained many qualifications that go along side my Business Degree.

Qualifications include : Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, Women Specific Training, Advanced Nutrition 1 and 2, Children Training, Boxing for Fitness, CPR and First Aid Training. 
I hope to create change and improvements in each of my clients lives whether it be physically or mentally!