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 Transform Your Body In Just 6 Weeks! 


 This guide is based on how I love to train. It is for all fitness types. The workouts are gym based but most can be done at home or at a park. The work-outs are a combination of HIIT, Resistance, Weights and Cardio in order to achieve an all over fat burn. 

If you are looking to shred fat, tone up and become a fitter and stronger version of yourself, then this 6 week guide is for you. It contains 6 weeks of training, a nutrition guide and much more. This e-Book will not only help to change your health and fitness routine, but also shed light on how what you put into your body affects you and how you can use fitness supplements to achieve your goals. 

 The e-Book is just the start. Once you purchase this e-Book you will be added into an online platform. This is where I will be posting video demonstrations of the week's fitness program, doing daily and weekly check ins, as well as posting extra recipes. It is a private platform, so only those who have purchased the program will have access to the page's content.

 If you have any questions please feel free to head over to my dedicated Personal Trainer Instagram account @SanteFitnessPT  as this is where I answer all FAQ, as well as post more about the challenge. 

For only $80, (that's right, just $13 per week!) you get a 6 week training guide, as well as 6 week meal plan! 

Good Luck I can’t wait to see your results!

- Tomikah xx